A bunch of mallards, that had been coming in low, were flaring up into the sky, seeming to stand on their tails as they climbed; the mullet darted in mid-air, falling down again into the water and the wings of ducks were suddenly set to alight, as when you lower the flaps.

Ernest Hemingway,
Caorle, 1948


It is pleasant to know that we are part of history, in our small way. The novel “Across the River and Into the Trees”, written by the Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway (1954), is set in Caorle. The main character, the American Colonel Richard Cantwell, lives a touching love story with the Venetian Renata. At a certain point in the novel, the author mentions a tiny fishermen’s house on the seashore. The tiny house is the original structure of the Hotel Sara, which has since expanded little by little thanks to the constant efforts of the owners, who have always prioritized the well-being of their guests.

Beyond the river and among the trees

I remember a place where – for many years – my family, my sister and I used to spend our summer. It was the Hotel Sara. A place where the Mediterranean sun can get under your skin and where every day you can witness the miracle of dawn, the moment when the sea reddens at is set on fire. I was fascinated by that magical, extraordinary event. I was wondering, maybe I could walk on that colourful catwalk as far as the last horizon of the sea.
Then slowly, almost by spell, water turned into the crystalline colour of the sky.
I can still see the sun glowing in the calm water, white seagulls flying about free, the rocks, the short beach with a small group of houses, the small pier with the boats and fishing nets.
The beach, the sea and the town, which every year attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, have also experienced defeats and raids together with Venice.
But the magic of this ancient world is still untouched in the allure of these places made of sea, lagoons and unique monuments.


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